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About Me

About Me

To understand my hard work and my effort for my research in nutrition, you have to understand my story…

I was born in Slovakia and I used to be a very active girl as a child. My health issues started with an accident and due to hormonal treatment of these issues I became overweight. I have also been suffering from migraines accompanied by mood swings since I was 10. My excess weight led to being bullied during my school years which made me feel unsecure, anxious and depressed. Later on I was diagnosed with anaemia, so I had to start eating food high in iron and take iron supplements. I have also gone through various diets.

Moving to the Northern Ireland after my university studies has changed my life. I was advised to work-out at the gym instead of doing exercises at home because I was embarrassed of my body. I have found a huge inspiration in Emily Skye’s training program. However, keeping a healthy weight is a struggle for me because I am an emotional eater during my stressful times.

Canada was another stop at my life journey and it was a hell of a lesson! From several fake people to different climate that my body was not able to adapt to. But it gave me the idea to find my happiness in Australia after all. I have decided to do further studies in business field with a research in nutrition being a part of it.

Australia is a wonderful place to live, but not the easiest one, though. Job seeking can be a struggle, if you have your idea of a dream job. But no place in the world will make you happy, if you won’t let yourself to be happy. And this is what I am constantly working on together with my balanced food and recipes, as well as my challenging work-outs.

I wish to share my passion and hard work with you guys and I hope it will help you as it has helped me!

With love,

Maria πŸ™‚